"Bury Me In Black" is a song by American alternative-rock group My Chemical Romance, released as a b-side on the single "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)". The song was never featured on an album and therefore was never recorded properly, but only as a demo.

Lyrical ThemesEdit

The song's lyrics talk about drinking and drowning ("... we'll drown ourselves in misery ...", "These eyes have had too much to drink again tonight", "We'll douse ourselves in high explosive light"[1]). This suggests the theme of alcohol, as alcohol is flammable, a depressant and is generally drunk to try and drown pain. This could also refer to stage lights which are volatile to exploding when they burn out or are overheated.

This song was written when Gerard was still a heavy alcoholic ...
— on lyrical themes in "Bury Me In Black".[2]

The song talks of Gerard

The song also mentions a shotgun, which may indicate he also had suicidal thoughts.


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