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    They know me so well...

    September 21, 2011 by Teamemmet

    My whole family pretty much knows that I am a killjoy and that I'm obsessed with My Chem. For example whenver they hear the words My and Chemical and Romance all in one sentence they immediatly call me down to check it out. And just now that has happened, my dad was flicking through the channels and saw MCR doing a show (but not live because their ex-drummer was still there) so I ran down to watch i and they were just singing Sing (LOL) then right at the end when Gerard went to get a drink before they sang Vampire Money I saw a picture of the one and only Bandit Lee Way! Here's a picture to show you, (sorry it's not that easy to see the picture was facing the other way)

    I thought it was so sweet!! Tell me what you think or have you seen it …

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